IsItPhishing Threat Detection: Real-Time, AI-based Phishing Detection


Real-time scanning of phishing URLs and web pages

Every day, your SOC has to deal with many alert signals, analyze them and initiate corrective actions. Containing and stopping compromise attempts that threaten your business is a constant challenge.

IsItPhishing Threat Detection uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Patterns to offer advanced protection against phishing, even in short-wave, highly targeted attacks. Thanks to the combination of these technologies, Vade Secure can ensure a zero false positive rate.

Download the case study to understand how to protect your users and IT systems from phishing.

The advantages of IsItPhishing Threat Detection

  • Increased productivity of analysts
    Real-time phishing detection dramatically reduces the number of alerts and false positives analysts must process.
  • Fast detection of zero-day attacks
    IsItPhishing Threat Detection detects new phishing attacks in the first wave, allowing you to block new threats before your users click on them.
  • Universal anti-phishing defense
    IsItPhishing Threat Detection allows you to instantly detect phishing URLs and trigger automated workflows to block access to the entire network (email, web, etc.).
  • Real-time threat intelligence
    IsItPhishing Threat Detection leverages real-time threat intelligence from Vade Secure's filter engine and data from the 500 million mailboxes it protects worldwide.



 CaseStudy IsItPhishing Threat Detection