Purpose-built for MSPs: An In-depth Look at Vade for M365

The popularity of Microsoft 365 among SMBs has created a wealth of new opportunities for MSPs. Its popularity among hackers, however, is creating enormous challenges.

As more MSPs are looking for additional email security on top of Exchange Online Protection (EOP), they need a solution that is easy to bundle, sell, and manage. 

Vade for M365 has a 63% catch-rate improvement over EOP and can be deployed in minutes. In this webinar replay, we’ll introduce you to Vade for M365 and present a live demo of the solution.

Watch now

Watch the webinar replay and learn:

  • Why Microsoft is the most impersonated brand in phishing.
  • The limitations of EOP and secure email gateways.
  • How Vade Secure for Microsoft 365 catches what other vendors miss.
  • How to use advanced features to build managed security services.

Couldn't make it to the event? You can now watch the replay.