Why Complexity Is The Enemy of Microsoft 365 Security: Reducing Risks With Purpose-Built Solutions

MSPs are burdened by complex security tools that require considerable time and resources to manage, squeezing MSP margins and increasing breach potential. With cybersecurity threats rising to unprecedented levels, MSPs cannot afford to waste precious time on complicated tools while their clients are being attacked.

In this webinar, Eric Courtwright, Head of Channel, Cybersecurity at Vade, explain why complexity in cybersecurity increases Microsoft 365 security risks and puts MSPs at a disadvantage. He explores the email threats targeting Microsoft 365 and how MSPs can protect their clients while maintaining the business growth with a purpose-built solution for MSPs.

Watch the replay to learn: 

  • How complex cybersecurity tools for Microsoft 365 can increase the likelihood of breaches
  • Why simplicity and ease of use should be part of the tool selection process
  • How MSPs can better protect their Microsoft 365 clients and monetize cybersecurity

Watch the replay


Eric Courtwright
Head of Sales, North America