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Defending the Inbox

Countering Dynamic Threats

The days of unsophisticated email scams promising millions in unclaimed cash are behind us. Today’s threat landscape features a cast of unsavory characters whose attack methods are more sophisticated than the security solutions designed to stop them. 

This Expert Focus report by SC Magazine explores the evolution of email attacks and the rise of Office 365 as the primary target for phishing and spear phishing attacks. Countering dynamic threats, the report says, requires looking beyond traditional threat detection.

Inside the Report

Featuring interviews and analysis, “Defending the Inbox” explains how cybercriminals are compromising Office 365 accounts how advanced threat detection solutions are using artificial intelligence to outsmart cybercriminals.


  • How the rise of Office 365 created the perfect environment for cyberattacks.
  • Why traditional email security products fail to detect dynamic threats.
  • How machine learning models are being trained to identify phishing and spear phishing.
  • How Vade Secure’s native, AI-based solution augments Office 365 security.
  • How AI-based threat remediation can eliminate attacks post-delivery.

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