Enhance the security of Microsoft 365 email

Download the white paper to understand why you should implement multi-layered email security for Microsoft 365.

Protect Microsoft 365 from known and unknown cyberattacks

Unlike standard signature-based email security tools like Microsoft EOP that rely on previously identified threats, Vade Secure leverages artificial intelligence to protect Microsoft 365 from brand new attacks - starting with the first email. This heuristic learning system has been trained with a massive data set fed by 600 million mailboxes worldwide.

What′s more, Vade Secure supplements our artificial intelligence with human intelligence from our 24/7 global threat detection centers. The threat centers constantly monitor hundreds of millions of mailboxes across the globe. When a new threat is detected, every node in the system is updated within 60 seconds.

Download the white paper 

Learn how Microsoft 365 makes your network vulnerable and how predictive email security can protect your users. In addition, discover how to augment native Microsoft 365 security with multiple layers of security.

Vade Secure has successfully identified and isolated every variant of Locky and CryptoLocker ransomware ever, starting with the first e-mail sent to our systems. 

  • Introduction
  • Phishing
  • Spear phishing
  • The economic impact of spear phishing
  • Why are so many businesses vulnerable to email threats
  • Why is it not recommended to use only Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP)?
  • More than just protection based on the recognition of signatures
    • Artificial intelligence enhanced by traditional filters
    • The Vade Secure solution
  • Conclusion


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