Ransomware is the biggest cyber-threat to your business.

Do you have the proper defenses in place?

Protect your organization from ransomware with Predictive Email Defense.

Unlike standard signature-based email security tools that rely on previously identified threats, Vade Secure leverages artificial intelligence to detect brand new attacks - starting with the first email. This heuristic learning system has been trained with a massive data fed by 500 hundred million mailboxes around the world.

What′s more, Vade Secure supplements its artificial intelligence with human intelligence from our 24/7 global threat detection centers. The threat centers constantly monitor hundreds of millions of mailboxes across the globe. When a new threat is detected, every node in the system is updated within 60 seconds.

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Ransomware is a constantly growing threat. It is critical that you know how this cyber-threat works in order to understand how to protect your organization.

  • The latest ransomware statistics
  • Various delivery methods
  • Types of ransomware
  • The defenses you need to have in place

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